Today’s Medical Developments on custom made pelvis implant

Today’s Medical Developments on custom made pelvis implant

Case study on custom made 3D printed pelvis implant has been recognized worldwide. After the case has been published on EOS official website, story spread through the internet community. Few days ago, website Today’s Medical Developments, specialized on following latest achievments in medical device industry published case study on croatian patient suffered from pelvis tumor.

Experience in the production of custom made implants using additive manufacturing, undoubtedly place Instrumentaria alongside the greatest companies specialized in the area of patient specific implants. It is a great recognition for Instrumentaria and we can proudly conclude that, using our knowledge in this area, we actively participate in creating the future of orthopedic and trauma industry.

More details about the case can be seen at the following addresses:

EOS Case Study

Today’s Medical Developments


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